Your gift to Woodlawn UMC shapes people to be the heart, hands and feet of Christ in the world.

Electronic Giving


The church is charged fees for each online gift as follows:
Bank Account: 0.1% of donation amount
Debit or Credit Card: 2.75% of donation amount

Example: A $400 gift from your bank account would incur a 40 cent fee. The same $400 gift from your debit or credit card would incur an $11 fee.

For assistance, please email Woodlawn’s Finance Department at or call (316) 788-1507.

One-time gifts

Simple to set up from your bank account or you can use a debit or credit card.

Recurring gifts

Set up on a schedule and provide flexibility to track and manage your giving. Setting up a bank transfer will save the church significant credit card fees. We discourage the use of credit cards if you will incur debt in the process.

Why We Give:

If you think about it, everything that we have, is a gift. It’s true that we work to earn our income, but without the gifts of health, time, and opportunity, how would it be possible to earn money?

When we begin to see everything as a gift from God who is the Creator of all that is, we start to feel gratitude for what God has provided. And with gratitude comes the desire to give. To return a small portion as a way of saying “thank you.”

When we give our tithes (10% of income) and offerings, we demonstrate in a real way our love for God and our neighbors. Each fall Woodlawn asks members to make a promise to support our church’s ministry and mission in the coming year. We do this because:

All we have is a gift from God, and giving is an act of worship.

At Woodlawn, giving is also an expectation of membership. The church never specifies how much an individual should give but hopes that each person will prayerfully determine what percentage of their income they are willing to give as a faithful act of discipleship.

Finally, Woodlawn is able to plan accordingly for worship, educational programs and groups, pastoral care, missions and facilities after determining the giving level for the coming year.

Ways To Give When You Shop

There are many ways to give to Woodlawn so that mission and ministries can happen, and our facility is maintained. We want to make you aware of some giving options you may not know of, or just haven’t thought about in a while. Make your shopping count for a little bit more!

Dillons Community Rewards

Once you have an account setup on you can link your Dillons card to an organization you designate and a percentage of what you spend will be donated; you can choose Woodlawn UMC!

UMC Market Powered by IGive

The United Methodist Church setup a program with retailers throughout the country that will donate a percentage of what you spend shopping online to an organization of your choice. Go to or to get started.


iGive is a free service to causes and members. Since 1997, iGive has grown to 350,000+ members supporting 50,000+ causes and raised over $9 Million!