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Reopening Criteria & Plan

Reopening Gate Criteria Adopted

Below you will find the document approved by the Woodlawn Executive Team on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.  This will be incorporated into our reopening plan, and used by our Leadership Team to determine when it is appropriate to move to the next stage of our plan. The Leadership Team chosen to make those determinations consist of the Pastor, Associate Pastor, Lay Leader and Lay Leader Apprentice. 
As of October 15, Woodlawn is operating in Stage One (Orange).  Woodlawn's Leadership Team is charged with determining when the church moves to each stage. Should the criteria move in the opposite direction, the team would determine if it is appropriate to return to a more restrictive stage.  The Leadership Team will review the data weekly.

Reopening Woodlawn UMC Facilities Summary

Our vision of Woodlawn as a Christ-centered community making God’s love real in the world does not change whenever we return to our building.  Our mission to “Shape people to be the heart, hands and feet of Jesus continues to be our primary objective as we determine what we will do, what we could do, and what we can leave undone in the future.

As Woodlawn UMC seeks to fulfill its mission, we covenant together to uphold Wesley’s three general rules for Methodists:

  1. Do no Harm (to the Body of Christ, to others, or to self)
    What practices ensure the safety and well-being of all?
    What practices build up the body of Christ and the repute of the Christian faith?
  1. Do Good (to others, as we would have them do to us)
    How will we be a good neighbor to those in our community?
    How will we ease suffering, and care for those in need?
    How will we offer Christ to others?
  2. Attend upon all the ordinances of God (so as to strengthen our relationship with Christ)
    Worship and Holy Communion
    Personal and Corporate Prayer (A prayer guide and mid-week prayers)
    Searching Scripture (Classes for all ages)
    Christian Fellowship (Groups for all ages for encouragement and accountability)

Woodlawn faces difficult decisions as we seek to do no harm.  If our behaviors are not planned and well-executed, a new wave of infections and deaths will likely occur.  If we reopen our buildings and resume gatherings prematurely, we will surely force our more vulnerable members to choose between keeping themselves and others healthy and participating in life of the congregation.

Reopening Woodlawn UMC Facilities will occur in three stages.  The decision to enter each stage will be made by the Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Lay Leaders (Lay Leader, Lay Leader Apprentice, Executive Team Chair, and Executive Team Apprentice)  Experts suggest that it is possible that we could move back and forth between stages should subsequent infections begin to increase. The advice of public health officials may change as more becomes known about COVID-19.

Teams will be formed to determine all implementation strategies and procedures. Teams may be formed for worship, staffing and administration, building use, small groups, youth, and children as well as any other areas as deemed necessary.

Stage One

Begins no sooner than following two weeks of an overall decline in the number of new infections reported in Sedgwick County, widespread availability of testing, contact tracing and no PPE shortages.  In this phase:

  • Entrances remain locked and we continue holding online worship services only.
  • Worship may be recorded in the sanctuary, with fewer than ten present, maintaining at least 6 feet of space between people. Group singing will not be allowed.  
  • Weddings and Funerals will be permitted only for groups of less than 10 in attendance, maintaining appropriate distancing. Masks will be worn if suggested by public health department. Scheduling of weddings and funerals will depend upon the church’s ability to clean and disinfect all areas used before next use.
  • Pastors may meet with persons in small groups to plan weddings and funerals. All will wear masks if suggested by public health department.
  • No food or beverages will be served.
  • At this time, small groups, committees and other uses of the building will be prohibited and portions of the building will be unavailable for use.

(See full plan for complete list)

Stage Two 

The shift from Stage One to Stage Two is based on a re-evaluation of the situation, and will be considered only after an additional two to four weeks of decline in the number of new infections in Sedgwick County are reported. Careful observance of physical/social distancing recommendations will be necessary and ongoing.

  • Worship:
  • One service in each of our Worship areas will be held, possibly on two different days so as to not over fill the building with people. Each assembly will be limited to 50 persons and appropriate distancing protocols must be followed and face masks will be worn.
  • Music will be limited to recordings, instrumental music or solo singers. Congregational and group singing will be prohibited.
  • Online worship will continue.
  • Communion: Will continue to be offered monthly online. On-site Communion may or may not be offered. Anyone desiring communion may meet with a pastor privately.
  • No greeting time, passing of collection plates or use bulletins.
  • Bibles and Hymnals will be removed.
  • Beverages and food will not be served, so as to discourage mingling.
  • Weddings and Funerals may take place with careful attention to limit attendees to 50 or less.
  • Small Groups and Faith Formation:
  • Small groups and classes of fewer than 50 adults or youth (6th grade and older) may meet in person only with appropriate distancing for the space allotted. Rooms will have maximum capacity determined which allows for six foot spacing between occupants.
  • Groups may be limited on which days and hours they will permitted to assemble.
  •  (**Changed with new criteria adopted 9-1-2020: Children groups are permitted in this stage) Groups of children younger than 6th grade will not be permitted on site—including children’s classes, groups and nurseries.
  • Pastoral Care
  • Phone and online methods will continue to be the primary ways pastors will provide care for the ill, those convalescing, seeking medical treatment, or living in care facilities.
  • Pastors may meet with persons in small groups to plan weddings and funerals. All will wear masks if suggested by public health department.
  • Church Business
  • Regular office functions resume during regular business hours.
  • Church councils and leadership teams may meet in person while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.
  • Options to include those unable to participate in person should be available. (Zoom, telephone, etc.)
  • Building users/renters may resume operations on a case by case determination, with each responsible for the cost of cleaning and disinfecting spaces used. All must agree to observe gathering and distancing protocols in this document.
  • General Building
  • Portions of the building may be locked or blocked from use.
  • Entrances will be unlocked during office hours.
  • Restroom availability may be limited.
  • High risk individuals (people over 60 and those with underlying conditions), whether staff, volunteers, or program participants, will be asked to consider sheltering at home.

(See full plan for complete list)

Stage Three

The shift from Stage Two to Stage Three is based on a re-evaluation of the situation, and will be implemented no sooner than following four or more weeks of improving conditions in Sedgwick County, zero new cases reported in the county, and/or the lifting of public precautions. People will be encouraged to stay at home if they have any symptoms of illness, and to cooperate with contact tracers if they are diagnosed.

  • Worship:
  • Physical distancing may not be required by Stage Three, but space should be provided for anyone who wishes to self-distance.
  • Woodlawn will follow public health recommendations for Communion.
  • We will follow public health recommendations on group singing as we arrive at this stage. Re-introduce congregational singing only if it is determined to be safe to do so.
  • Church may continue to use no-touch alternatives for greeting, collecting offering and worship materials.
  • Sunday breakfast may be reinstated if it is safe to do so.
  • Bible studies and small groups may be permitted to meet in person. Some online options for high risk individuals and those who do not feel comfortable being in public will be maintained.
  • Children’s care, classes and groups may be permitted to meet.
  • Office functions resume as normal, with attention to cleaning.
  • Groups, teams, and committees may meet in person.
  • High risk individuals (people over 60 and those with underlying conditions), whether staff, volunteers, or program participants, will be asked to consider sheltering at home even during Phase Three.

(See full plan for complete list)

To see the complete reopening plan, click HERE.