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Gifts Garden Questions

Discover what grows in your own Gifts Garden.  The questions below will help you. For a printable PDF, click HERE.

Write down your answers in a journal, or draw a picture of your Gifts Garden that illustrates the gifts you have discovered about yourself.  Don’t worry about bragging or that your gifts are inferior. All gifts matter and we are all one in the body of Christ (Romans 12:4-7).

Individual Gifts

  • Gifts of the Head: what is something you know that you could teach to someone else? What is something you are curious about and would love to learn?
  • Gifts of the Hand: what is something you love to make or do with your hands? Would you be willing to show someone this who wanted to learn?
  • Gifts of the Heart: what is something you care so deeply about that you want to take action on it? Or consider this: what is something you are curious about and want to learn more about?


  • What groups do you belong to because of a common interest, a shared history, or something you care deeply about? (Include informal gatherings too: those you play with, vacation with, shop with, play sports with.) You may have several groups listed.

Physical Assets

  • On a personal level this might include physical attributes you possess (“I’m tall so I can reach things.”) and it can also include property you are connected to. And…what are the physical things you own or have access to that can be helpful to others, such as a green lot, a lake or pond, swimming pool, shed, or a pickup truck, a trailer, etc.


  • Where in your life is there an exchange of gifts, time, talents, money? This may include a business where you work or one you own. But it isn’t limited to businesses. If you and your neighbors keep an eye on each others’ houses when on vacation, that is an exchange. If you watch someone’s children and they watch yours on another day, that’s an exchange.
  • Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? If so, what would you do? Why?


  • Write down (or depict) a time when you came together with other folks to address a challenge or create something for the church, town, neighborhood, school or for some other group.
  • Tell about a time you witnessed neighbors or a group in your community coming together to make something positive happen.
  • Finally, are there gatherings on your block or in your neighborhood? What are those like?

After you have explored your Gifts Garden take a moment to sit with it. Reflect on all the gifts God has invited you to tend and steward. If you feel led, take time to thank God for these gifts and the connections they have created in your life.

You’re invited to come to share in a “learning conversation” with others at the church, in a way that will help us all discover what our church’s Gifts Garden is producing!  We will gather Wednesday, April 28 at 6:30 in the Worship Center.   Come prepared to add your discoveries to our Woodlawn Gifts Garden.