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Woodlawn Family Endowment Fund

About the Woodlawn Family Endowment Fund

Introduction to the fund:

At Woodlawn United Methodist Church, we function as a family; therefore when you give, we give. Established as a means for the continuous development of Woodlawn United Methodist Church, the Woodlawn Family Endowment Fund is used for religious, charitable and educational activities, as well as operating expenses not regularly budgeted. Both individual and organizational gifts to the fund are permanent, assuring donors they are making a lasting contribution to the church. Those who give to the fund are doing so to give thanks to God for blessings bestowed, to express their devotion to Christ and to His church, and to honor loved ones whose lives have served as an inspiration.

Family giving:

Distribution of gifts may be restricted by specifying a use of the gift at the time it is given. The Woodlawn Family Endowment Committee is responsible for the disbursement of unrestricted gifts according to the Woodlawn United Methodist Church policies and procedures manual. This is done in a manner to best fulfill the mission and ministry of the church using only earnings from the gift.

Gifts of any size are always welcomed and are accepted in a variety of ways.

The United Methodist Church Development Center website is an excellent resource for planned giving help. Go to: UMC Development Center Ways to Give.

Gifts are deductible for both federal and state income tax purposes.

*Contact a tax professional for more information.

Family sharing:

The Woodlawn Family Endowment Fund Committee is responsible for managing the fund and is currently made up of the following members:

  • Chairperson: Phil Schroeder
  • Member at large: Donna Pelley
  • Member at large: Marvin Dunlap
  • Senior Pastor: Lance Carrithers
  • Chairperson of Finance Committee: Wayne Stout
  • Representative from Board of Trustees: Rita French

All funds are invested to maximize income while maintaining reasonable security of the investments consistent with United Methodist Social Principles and the required liquidity of the individual fund, Investment options include:

  • Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation
  • Money Market Funds/Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Commercial ETFs/Mutual Funds of a conservative nature

For more information about the Woodlawn Family Endowment Fund, please pick up a brochure at the church, fill out the information requested and return to Woodlawn United Methodist Church, 431 South Woodlawn, Derby, KS 67037.


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